CK Dance Company

Studio Hours 3PM-8PM
(760) 992-5678

Audience Etiquette

Please share these manners with your family and friends, who will be attending our performances.


1.  Arrive on time, or a little early. Limited Parking.


2.  Limit perfumes and colognes.


3.  Sit QUIETLY and watch the performances.  No whistling,  yelling, calling the dancer’s name or waving to the dancer during their performance.  The dancer is focused on performing  and loud yelling is poor manners.  The best way to show appreciation for the performance is with thunderous applause  and an occasional “Bravo” at the end of an especially great  performance.


4.  Go to the bathroom, BEFOREHAND.


5.  NO photography or videography during the performance.  Very distracting to the dancers and can be a safety issue for the dancers.


6.  Turn off your cell phone and/or other electronic devices. NO TEXTING!


7.  Attend the entire performance.  Leaving early is not considered proper etiquette.  All of the performers have worked hard to prepare for the event and all deserve equal respect and courtesy.


8.  Dress appropriately. A good rule of thumb is to dress as if going to church or on an interview.


9.  Most important of all is to enjoy the performance.