CK Dance Company

Studio Hours 3PM-8PM
(760) 992-5678

COVID Precautions

As Palm Springs is beginning to reopen, we are doing our part and organizing a safe return to dance. Here are some ways we are doing that:

1) Smaller Class Sizes

All fall classes and camps will be limited to half capacity

2) Temperature Checks

All dancers will have their temperature taken before entering the studio and provided hand sanitizer before and after classes.

3) Drop-off/Pick-up Only

All dancers should be dropped-off and picked up at the front door.

4) Frequent Sanitizing

Disinfection of ballet barres will be required after every use. Door knobs and frequently touched surfaces, as well as workout equipment will be cleaned after every class.

5) Closed Lobby

The lobby will remain closed except for those entering for class. Warm-ups should be done at home. Dancers should arrive at the tie of their scheduled class and leave immediately after. No hanging out.

6) Physical Distancing

Teachers will be asked to use verbal, corrections, as often as possible instead of hands-on corrections.  Each dancer will have their own space taped out for them on the floor. 

7) Masks are Required 

All dancers and staff are required to wear masks.  This includes any visitors who enter the lobby.