CK Dance Company

Studio Hours 3PM-8PM
(760) 992-5678

Final Week Performance Schedule

NOTE: ALL female dancers must wear nude camisole or nude undergarments under their tights if they 

are changing costumes at studio, backstage at theater, and/or the artists' council workshop.  Please also have a garment 

bag with your name on it and all your costumes, shoes, and accessories in it. Also, put your name or initials in all 

costumes, shoes, and accessories. Everyone in your class is wearing the same costume. 

Saturday May 25 - Dress & Tech Rehearsal & Performance @ Annenberg Theater

10:00 AM - Barre - Ballet 5/6/7 Only

10:45 AM - "The Sleeping Beauty"- Ballet Dancers Only

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - "ACT TWO" - Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Team, Solos, Duet Dancers


6:00 PM -  Advanced Ballet 5/6/7 Only: Barre on Stage

6:30 PM  - Call Time for ALL Dancers - Drop off at Backstage Door

7:30 PM - Performance Begins

Sunday - Performance @ Annenberg Theater

12:30 PM -  Barre - Ballet 5/6/7 Only

1:00 PM  - Call Time for ALL Dancers 

2:00 PM - Performance Begins