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Josh Curtis

Josh Curtis is a talented Choreographer, with years of award winning dance pieces. By the age of 16, he knew that teaching and mastering the art of choreography was going to be his life. For 9 to 10 years now, Josh has set dance pieces and taught classes of all ages and all levels. (Including Dance Conventions with classes up to 80 people or more). Josh’s style is very unique. He likes to teach Hip-Hop to various genres of music. (R&B, Rap, House, and Alternative) His ultimate goal when it comes to teaching is for him to teach every student how to create the music through movement, and how to find the different textures you can feel with in the musicality. His ultimate goal when it comes to his choreography is to create beautiful visuals that most can understand and can fall in love with.

Being brought up in a dance studio, Josh has grown to become very passionate about his art. From picking the right song to cleaning the last 8-count of a dance, he loves it all.  It is very important to him that everyone has some kind of positive influence in their life. What's better than an outgoing, always happy, hardworking, Hip-Hop, Mastermind? He wants to be that influence.