CK Dance Company

Studio Hours 3PM-8PM
(760) 992-5678

Dress Code:

Ballet -  leotard (class color), pink tights, and ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes

Hip Hop  - leggings, t-shirt, sneakers

Jazz & Contemporary - leggings, fitted top, jazz shoes

Class Levels


Ballet 1/2: TK - 1st grade (4-7 year olds) Pre-School & Elementary School

Ballet 2/3: 2nd grade - 4th grade (7-9 year olds) Elementary School

Ballet 3/4: 4th grade - 7th grade (9-13 year olds) Elementary & Middle School 

Ballet 5/6: 8th grade - 12th grade (13-19 year olds) High School


Beginning Jazz: TK - 6th grade (5-11 year olds) Elementary School

Advanced Jazz: 7th grade - 12th grade, Middle/High School


Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop: 1st grade - 7th grade, Elementary School & Middle School


Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary: 2nd grade - 6th grade,  Elementary School & Middle School

 Advanced Contemporary: 7th grade - 12th grade, Middle/High School 

Monthly Fee Schedule (Fall)

Please contact or visit the studio for 2023 Winter/Spring Class Fees

Drop In Class fee for each class: $25 

Annual Registration $25